the power of great messaging

It can be largely forgotten by those that work in the business, but it’s the messaging that turns an aesthetically pleasing ad into a great and memorable ad. Images alone are rarely enough. Most of the time it’s those concise, well-written words that really have the impact. It’s the tagline, the catchphrase, the slogan, the words that can really make you remember a brand or product.

For the last few years the cOOp has been stumbling across what we’d like to imagine is the first great slogan for a tourist attraction. It makes us smile every time we see it so we decided we just had to share. Forget Disney’s “The Happiest Place On Earth” or Las Vegas’ “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. We bring you something far more inspiring and compelling…

The original tourist attraction tagline.

The original tourist attraction tagline.

Worth a Visit“. Yep, the slogan is factually correct, short, it’s not controversial or too clever for its own good. We like to imagine that this was coined by Father Junipero Serra himself, but we don’t really care about the source. If it’s important enough to paint on the wall of the Mission, and put it in quotes, then it must have been uttered by someone important with a lot of marketing savvy. Too bad they didn’t claim the copyright.

If you were wondering, it is worth a visit.

who knew puppets could be bad ass?

Creatives are an odd bunch. They get a hair-brained idea that sounds just stupid on paper, and a lot of hard work, but then they go ahead and do it – because hey, they don’t give a crap – and it turns out freakin’ awesome. Bravo, puppeteer, bravo.

cell phone pics

The type of camera isn’t key – it’s the moment, the essence and the feeling that’s conveyed that really matters. You can capture all of that, sometimes even make it better, with a simple “crappy” camera. Click on the article from to see what I mean.



april’s fools 2015 recap

It’s hard to know what was real and what was not today. So what has the cOOp so terribly vexed?


Did Kelly Slater retire today? We actually kinda believe this one. There’s just no way this can be true. #kellyslater


Slater’s Instagram


Our favorite subversive artist, Banksy, was apparently arrested by the Hollywood sign. Kinda don’t believe this one. #Banksy


Bob Barker returned to the Price Is Right! And the price was right, bitch.


Funny or Die launched Dips, the newest competitor to Vine. We find it more entertaining.


I dip, you dip, we dip.


Amazon’s home page reverted to the ugly-ass design sensibilities of circa 2000 (1999 specifically), and a bunch of links that pranksters would love.


It’ll probably be gone by the time you click on it.


Google brought a chuckle to our…faces…or something like that, with their backwards website – even the URL is backwards! I think that just confirms that they now own the internets. #comgoogle


They have way too much fun while making too much money. (April Fool’s! That’s impossible!)


Google Introduces Dial-Up mode. Cause, you know, there’s no time to take a break while waiting for your dirty pictures to download.


Google has been busy. And all retro-y. Google Smartbox, by…Google. For your regular mailbox. But, what if, like the cOOp’s, your mailbox is a slot in the door?


Google’s been super busy. And running out of funny ideas. Getting kinda lame. But A for effort, and commitment.


Feel like a narcissistic buzz?

No link.

No link.


One good turn deserves another.

the cOOp isn't afraid. No link.

the cOOp isn’t afraid. No link.


Ok, one more turn.

Fo' real? MMmmm. No Link.

Fo’ real? MMmmm. No link.


Another turn! We’re going full-circle here. And we might be…oddly intrigued.


MMmmm, jelly. Yes link.


Pizza flavored beer? How lazy can you be? “I can’t be eating all that pizza and drinking all that beer! Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


Well shoot, if this is fake, then it needs to be invented. Tinder for Uber. When the bar’s close, the desperate can call for a desperate Uber driver to take them home. Brilliant!


Meet your lonely, single, Uber driver.


LinkedIn’s new Magic Mirror app. Upload your photo and find out what your career should be. Where was this 20 years ago??


Cat wedding coordinator? Wut?


Real estate and rental company, Trulia, made an app to help you find a roommate? Where was this 20 years ago??


ROOMer could solve most of the world’s conflict.


The All-Time Best Aprils Fool’s prank. Too bad it wasn’t on April 1st…or even an intentional prank.


Looking for a quick and easy dirty way of getting out of your relationship? April 1st is the perfect day.

thugvirals? Who are they?

thugvirals? Who are they?


Let’s finish up by getting you prepared for next year…


Buzz feed’s always good for this junk.


Here’s some more good uns to get your really ready.