The touchpoints are the key. Where are your consumers, your customers, getting their messages? We’re not referring to their voicemail or email, we’re talking about the content they consume. And it’s not necessarily what they’re actively seeking, but what they see, hear and comprehend in their environment. Those are the touchpoints. A sign on a building, a banner ad on a website, a printed advertorial in a magazine, an event in a parking lot, a funny video on YouTube – these are all touchpoints in which you can deliver your message. And that is our capability – to figure out where and when and how to deliver your message.


Web design to development to UI to rich media. If you can dream it up we can get it done. Or if you don’t even know where to start, we can guide you in the direction of the next cool, new thing. the cOOp can build from the ground up, or customize great templates for the budget conscious.


the cOOp specializes in the original, beautiful, tactile medium – from magazines and catalogs, to print ad campaigns, to Billboards, Posters and POP, we’ve done it all, and we’ve done it all really, really well. And print ads a level of credibility that will legitimize your other branding efforts.

media strategy & buying

It’s not enough to deliver a great message. It needs to be delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right place (and at the right price!). We have experts that can figure out where to find those people at the right time and place (and at the best price!).

content production

the cOOp has a stable of great videographers and writers around the country, from acclaimed music video directors, to sports videographers, to storytellers. Concepting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, motion graphics and special effects. the cOOp can make it happen.

brand strategy & consultation

the cOOp has a damn good idea of what makes a great campaign. From startup to Fortune 500, the fundamentals are the same – it’s the nuance that makes the difference. We listen, we discern your pain points and your challenges, we consider your objectives, we develop strategies that fit your budgets, and execute on the tactics that deliver the correct messaging. From logo design to integrated marketing campaigns. We can help make your company a winner.


While we don’t staff explicitly for events, we have close partners that do a fantastic job of putting on amazing events–from music festivals, sporting events, custom retail activations, awards shows, and on–we facilitiate and integrate seamlessly into event marketing through our network.

pr / social

It’s so much more than sending press releases. It’s the shaping of a message, it’s knowing who will pass on the message, it’s social, it’s engaged, and it’s consistent. Earned media has incredible value – don’t overlook it in your marketing efforts. We can build your social platforms, increase your engagement, and maintain your messaging. Done well, you can have an army of advocates espousing for your brand. Done half-assed, and you’re better off doing nothing at all. We do it well.

sales decks, presentations & collateral

Most people think of advertising, and they think of consumer-facing messaging. But business to business messaging is just as critical. You still need to impress and look professional, especially in today’s ultra competitive landscape. Do-it-yourself sales decks and collateral doesn’t cut it anymore. Let us wow your business customers, potential partners, and even your bosses or employees, with beautiful, professional presentations and marketing materials.