facebook is dead


Facebook is dead. Ok, not really. Actually, not at all. The reason is simple. There is no compelling replacement that offers more and asks less, yet.

We’re not big fans of facebook at the cOOp, even though we spend too much time there, but we are committed to the platform for the near future. It’s too easy – too easy to keep up to speed with friends and family, too easy to find information about companies and brands, too easy to look back on your own (recent) history. Too many of us are too vested with the content we’ve uploaded.

It’s still a viable marketing platform, if for nothing more than to have a presence. Brands are expected to be there, whether just for information, or as a place to interact with customers. It shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked.


”The kids don’t want to be on Facebook.” They will (caveat: unless something better comes along). The kids don’t want family watching what they’re doing or keeping tabs on them. But when they get over that, probably somewhere into their college years when they don’t feel they need to be sneaky anymore, they’ll be back. Facebook is going nowhere (caveat: unless something better comes along).