design is critical

Cash is king. Talent is indispensable, and design takes you to the next level. It’s a truth that can’t be dismissed. You see examples of fantastic design everyday, from the biggest companies in the world. You most likely don’t even notice the intricacies, you just know that it’s really good stuff. All the thought that goes into the best design was done so you wouldn’t have to think “that’s a great design”, it was done so you’d just intrinsically…know

Examples of great design that you see everyday? Let’s start with the obvious – the iPhone. If you knew the backstory about the design and development of this gadget, you’d hardly believe it made it to market. The technology involved is incredible – it’s a computer in your pocket, your connection to your friends, your family, your work. Almost all of the world’s information is available to read or watch on your little screen. It’ll remind you of the things you need to do during the day, and it’ll show you how to get there. It took some of the most brilliant engineers in the world to put this thing together.

But, the idea wasn’t hatched by those engineers, it was dreamed up by the “designers”. It became the incredibly elegant tool that it is because the designers insisted it would look and feel and act like they wanted. The final form and usability was dictated by design, not by the engineers – even though they were the ones tasked with making the seemingly impossible, possible.

Design was the reason the iPhone has become one of the most world-changing devices in history. Yes, I said it. It’s up there with the wheel, the loom, electricity, and the microchip.