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The Integration of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

you know how when?

You know how when you realize you can’t do it all, and you need help growing your business? 

The cOOp will help you figure out your next steps and execute on those steps, so you can focus on your core business.

What can the cOOp do for you?

The integration of Inbound and Outbound Marketing–it’s not just about creating billboards and print ads, or TV and radio spots…anymore. Now it’s the creation and distribution of valuable content and personalized interactions as well.

It’s implementing and integrating the new strategies and tactics marketers have at their disposal.

It’s about reaching your customer how they want to be reached, at the touchpoints they choose.

It’s about helping them figure out what they need and want, and what their challenges are. And then becoming the solution to their challenge. It’s about helping to drive product strategy, it’s devising and creating content–and then distributing that content. It’s helping brands pitch to other businesses. It’s new media and the wild west, it’s social interaction. It’s about evocation and inspiration, and inducing action. That’s what the cOOp can do for you.

It’s also understanding your (relatively) new strategy options;

Inbound–which some also call “Content”–Marketing, and Outbound–also referred to as “Traditional”–Marketing.

So, what’s the difference?


you know how when?

You know how when you need or want something then jump on Google to search for it? Then you scroll along the first page and click on the link that seems the most helpful?

That’s Inbound Marketing. It can also be known as Content Marketing or Native Advertising. (Inbound has a personalized sales element to it.)

this is inbound marketing

inbound marketing is…

Inbound Marketing is about the customer. It’s pulling people in and building momentum.

It’s helping your target consumer find you, and turning them into happy customers and advocates.

It’s a process that uses research, content, SEO, design, and analytics in a cohesive strategy to convert leads.

It isn’t necessarily something “new”, but these days it’s getting more emphasis and focus from marketers. Why?

Because it’s the way many, if not most, potential customers find what they need these days.

They go online and use search engines that help them identify their challenges, and then consume content that will help lead them to the solution of those challenges.

[So, what’s the difference between Inbound and Content marketing? Content is the core and dominant element of Inbound. Inbound adds some initiatives and processes to fully take advantage of the content being produced.]

But it’s not a fire-and-forget type of program. It’s not like a TV commercial or print ad that, once placed, is usually left to do its thing (not counting the soft analytics sometimes used to judge its effectiveness). There’s a direct correlation between the amount of effort put into the program and its effectiveness. It’s like a living entity that needs to be paid attention to, nurtured, tested and grown. What you put in is what you get out.

Importantly, it requires a team of experts that work together with common goals in mind.

~ the inbound process ~

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1. attract

Attract leads through content they will value…and can easily find when searching.

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2. convert

Convert those leads through a personalized and relevant communication plan.

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3. close

Close those converts when you’ve established trust through a nurturing process.

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4. delight

Customers that stay delighted post-sale become advocates.

Is Inbound Marketing a fad?

74% of readers trust educational content from brands–if it’s not overtly salesy. (Source: Kentico)

77% of marketers say they’ll create more content in 2016. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

78% of Chief Marketing Officers think custom content is the future of marketing. (Source: Demand Metric)


you know how when?

You know how when you’re watching a commercial on TV or reading a magazine or a poster in a store, and you think “Yeah, I’d like that”?

That’s Outbound Marketing.

this is outbound marketing

outbound marketing is…

Outbound Marketing is all about you. It’s like yelling through a bullhorn “Here I am! Come see what I have to offer!”

It’s the name given to traditional advertising and marketing efforts;

commercials, print advertisements, billboards, radio spots, digital banner ads. It’s the noise that most agencies try to break through by being loudest, or funniest, or most shocking, or most beautiful.

But don’t get us wrong, traditional advertising is not dead–it’s not a lesser tactic some marketing pundits would have you believe.

The “way it’s always been done” still has its place and it can still be very effective.

It’s just optimum and ideal for certain aspects of a campaign, or for certain products or services, or for a specific target consumer.

Traditional (Outbound) marketing by its nature is impersonal and interruptive. It works in some scenarios, but isn’t ideal for many marketing tasks. Because of this, lots of Outbound activities aren’t nearly as effective as they once were–over 200 million people are on the Do Not Call List (are you?), 44% of direct mail isn’t opened and the backlash can be overwhelming for those that spam actual paper (See Restoration Hardware), 86% of people skip commercials on TV – that is if they even have regular television access anymore (almost half a million subscribers lost in 6 months!) – many only have online streaming services without any commercial interruptions. The net effect? It’s harder to break through the clutter because there’s more competition for messaging opportunities, and even then many consumers feel irritated, which is never what you want when someone is thinking about your brand.

Again, this doesn’t mean Outbound doesn’t have its place. We all know traditional tools can be very effective.

It just isn’t the only toolkit anymore.

And that’s important because;

Consumers are doing what they can to ignore or reduce the marketing noise they’re bombarded with.

0.12% click through rate on standard banner ads. (source: eMarketer)

48% increase of people using ad-blocking software…just in the last year. (source: Adage)

56% of served display ads are never seen by humans. (source: AdAge)

86% of website visitors exhibit “banner blindness” and are unable to remember the last banner they saw…can you? (source: Adotas)

Which to choose?

Like all things in business–it depends. It depends on your objectives, product or service, buyer personas, resources, budgets, and a multitude of other variables. Larger companies often will be best served by a well-considered mix, but small to midsize companies might choose Outbound tactics, or an Inbound initiative, or a slimmed down Content-only strategy. But we can help you talk through what can work best for you. Please reach out if you’d like to chat about it (no obligation, of course!).


inbound and outbound marketing

your needs / our capabilities

The touchpoints are the key.

And it’s not necessarily what they’re actively seeking, but what they see, hear and comprehend in their environment. Those are the touchpoints–

a listing on a search engine, a webinar or whitepaper, a sign on a building, a banner ad on a website, a printed advertorial in a magazine, an event in a parking lot, a video on YouTube – these are all touchpoints

in which you can deliver your message. And that is our capability – to figure out where and when and how to deliver your message.

But, you may ask, don’t most agencies have specialties, an expertise they can hang their hat on? That’s often the case. Trying to be all things to all people will often produce an inferior product. So what’s the cOOp’s specialty?


The cOOp specializes in the integration of specialties. We won’t necessarily take on all parts of your program ourselves, but source it to our trusted partners that know what we’re trying to accomplish. We’ll keep the program cohesive and on-track by managing the moving parts.

~ the moving parts ~

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Web design to development to UI to rich media. If you can dream it up we can get it done. 
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Concepting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, motion graphics and special effects. the cOOp can make it happen.
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pr / social

pr / social

It’s the message, it’s social, it’s engaged, and it’s consistent. And yes, social is PR.
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Necessary at every stage of a modern program or campaign. We know the tactics and strategies.
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brand strategy

brand strategy

The fundamentals are always the same–ask, listen, discern, consider, develop and execute–it’s the nuance that makes the difference.
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process consult

process consult

We’re a business, too. We can tweak your processes and activities to provide improved marketing efficiencies and integrations.
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B2B? The message and collateral shouldn’t be overlooked. Do-it-yourself is usually a don’t. Look pro.
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The original, beautiful, tactile medium–we’ve done it all. And it’ll still add an extra level of credibility to your branding efforts.
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media buying

media buying

The message needs to be delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right place (and at the right price!).
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Our event partners do a fantastic job of putting on amazing events and we integrate with them seamlessly.

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